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Wonder what the poor people are doing.....


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.... while I live the life of leisure?


I've only got 2 acres and most of it is crap ground, wet and wooded. A stream forms one border and I have a bigass beaver pond out there. This spring they cut down all the trees within a certain distance of the power lines and just left them. What a mess. We've been picking away at it. I was able to get my garden tractor down there (quite a drop from road level) and took a lot with the little cart. Tonight I was able to get the '43 Farmall down there with the rock cart.


You would not believe how dense and snaggy this crap is. I can dull the chain saw in 20 minutes. The roots run along the top of the ground and are all tangled. It's ground that's never had a thing done to it and I picked up a full garbage bag of old bottles, some from the 50s.


Notice my wife is working while I'm taking pictures....









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Looks like fun!


Hard work, no doubt, but fun!


Would any of those bottles from the 'fifties be collectable? [confused]


Love the old tractor too!


...I've only got 2 acres...




In London most folks are glad even if they just have a garden the size of a postage stamp!

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The Farmalls were very cool.


Case/New Holland has re-introduced the 8N, although it's probably an import (I didn't check, so don't know).


Tractor are like guitars, very collectable and unique.


Although, having said that, I don't think I've ever seen one relic-ed on purpose......



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I bought it in 2003 for $300. It had been abused beyond what any tractor deserved. I've slowly amassed parts that had been cut off with torches or otherwise destroyed. I have not yet repaired the charging system; I start it and it then runs off the magneto (it has a magneto and a generator). It also has two tanks, one small one for gasoline to start it on, another for distillate (kerosene?) because it was cheaper then. I just run it on regular gas. The hydraulic pump works but I don't have anything to run with it. I even found a belt pulley so it can run a sawmill or whatever.


I have no plans to make it into a parade tractor; I take care of it and it has a pretty easy life, but just about the time I sprayed new red paint on it, I wouldn't want to get it dirty.


A big farmer (physical size and thickness of wallet) found out my tractor was originally bought by his great grandfather in '43. He pretty much offered me a blank check for it so he could restore it and get it back into the family but I politely refused. It's the first and only tractor I've owned and I plan to keep it.

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Y'all have to understand KSDADDY. It's a working tractor. If he painted it up, got new decals, shift knob, put on a new set of skins and rechromed the front sight, it would look to nice to do anything but drive in a parade. Parades don't pay that well. That, and.. I don't know Mrs KSDADDY, but I don't suspect she's of a mind to pull the rock wagon all by her lonesome.


KSDADDY is of the Fix-it-so-it-works-cosmetics-are-for-sissies school of restoration.

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