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Tricks to tighten a floppy maestro tremolo arm?

Neo Fender

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Help me Gibson experts!

Just forked out considerable dough for the Angus Young Signature SG with a Maestro Tremolo arm and am having some pains with the arm.

the arm fastens with a phillips head screw that constantly needs tightening, leaving the arm flopping away, which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't feel totally loose & wobbly and, well, wrong. There has to be some trick / modification that will allow me to use this trem system as it is meant to be?

Tightening the hell out of it doesn't leave it with the necessary play / movement to be eased out of the way.

Hey, I could always lose the floppy maestro altogether...


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I have the Gibby trem on my old Melody Maker. When I was using it alot, that bugged me. Here's what I did -


I took the original screw and plastic washers out and put 'em away. Went to the hardware store, got a longer screw and metal washers and two nuts. Put the arm back and tightened the first nut to where I liked the movement, then used the second nut to lock the first nut in place. No more sloppy arm. I realize this is kind of a drastic solution and you might not want to do that with your Angus. BTW, you can see my trem in my avatar, and the trem is still setup as I've described.

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Make sure next time you change strings to check to see that the nut underneath the retainer plate (where the bolt that holds the arm on comes out) is tightened up enough. Sometimes just playing it regularly will cause the nut to work loose from vibrations (happens to my Ltd. Ed. G-400 all the time), and you have to keep an eye on it from time to time. But it's an easy fix. Keep rockin' the Maestro, man!!!



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