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I won!


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From: "Microsoft Consumer Award." <no-reply@microsoft.co.uk>Add sender to Contacts

To: undisclosed-recipients

Certificate Of Recognition REF:87K4/336/T071/0010

Microsoft Consumer Award:



you've won (Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars only). in

the MICROSOFT AWARD held in British Virgins Islands with REF:87K4/BPLOX/T071/0010. Email Ref Number to Stanley Xxxx

on Email address : xxxxxxxx@aol.com to claim your Award Prize.

©2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved


(I x'd out the guys name so none of you would claim my prize.)


The weird thing was that this came into my SPAM folder.


Go figure.

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I work for a cellular phone company; two nights ago I was enjoying a movie with my future Misses when lo-and-behold I recieved an automated phone call that promptly informed me that "Due to being a valued (phone company name witheld)'s client you have been awarded 3000$ travel dollars. To Claim my prize all I had to do was press one!



BUT! I said to myself, since I've been working for said company for 3 years you'd think they'd have told me about such a great promotion, AND that since I work for the company I wouldn't be eligible for such promotions!


Sadly I accidentally hit the hang up button instead of one in my excitement, oh the places I could have taken Leyna to!


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My new BF is a Nigerian prince who just happens to be the president and ceo of one of the largest banks in the world, and he also is a winner of the global super lotto, and to think, we have never met....

But seriously, how stupid can you get? Our local police have been warning that there is a phone scam going on that works like this;

You get a call from somebody claiming to be your grandchild, they claim they have been arrested and need bail money..

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