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Gibson Raw Power w twangmasters, unbuckers, stag mags?


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The Raw Powers have been out for a while. Has anyone fitted single coils yet, with SG Raw Power in particular?


My SG Special Faded (only the neck is faded nowadays) has Jazz/JB pups and serial/parallel switcing and for a while I thought it can sound a little like a Fender when swithced parallel ... until I bought a Fender 69 reissue Thinline Telecaster. The single coil sound of the Tele is something else, so sweeeeeeet!


So, while the parallel switching makes nice sounds, the true Fender sound must come from another guitar. The SG will remain as my "dark guitar".


I absolutely love the Tele sound, but I'd like it even more if it was as comfortable as the SG. Which brings up the idea of an SG Raw Power (or a Maple/Ash Warmoth SG) with single coils (twangmasters or split unbuckers/stag mags).


The SG playability with Tele sounds?


Another SG that, together with my Gibson, would cover all the classic blues tones I need?

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