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A J50 from the 70s?


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Post pics here with the serial number. We might be able to narrow down the date and help you find out how original it is. As to value.... anybody's guess.


To post pics, upload them to a hosting site and put the links here.

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I've seen that statement in print but I haven't noticed the difference between 14 or 17 on any Gibson I've handled from that era. I haven't paid attention I guess.


I think as time has passed we have collectively become more aware of little details. I remember back in '76 a guy told me about Fender neck plates and (at that time) a Pre-CBS had no "F" and a CBS one had an "F". Sounds like Fender 101 nowadays but back then we felt like we were engaged in corporate espionage.


It's wonderful that we pay attention to this stuff now. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out guitars' date and such. I bet the average guitar freak (like us) could run circles around the average dealer/collector of 30 years ago.


Lot of misinformation out there though. One big mistake is a assuming the manufacturer knows all. Common sense maybe, but they don't always document stuff. Think about your own job. Let's say you use a computer in your job. Imagine getting a phone call from someone asking what brand and model of keyboard you were using in August 2002?


Cripe I can't even remember what I ate yesterday.

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