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Headstocks that state "Les Paul" instead of Gibson.


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Hey Everyone,


I know someone who is trying to sell off what he claims to be a Vintage 75' SG, As far as I can see the serial number is in check with the date. The only thing im weary about is the fact that the headstock says "Les Paul" Instead of "Gibson" and the truss rod cover says "Gibson". I know the truss rod cover is attributed to some epiphones throughout the years and some other Japanese made Off shoot Companys. Can Anyone fill me in on whether he's looking to swindle me or not?

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All Gibson products have "Gibson" silkscreened, or inlayed, on or in the headstock...(except the current

version of Gibson's "Lucille," which has a crown and "B.B. King" on the headstock). Anything else,

is either a fake, or some (most likely) Asian company, copying the design, but getting around the

lawsuits, by using another "brand" name. In the case of some Chinese companies, they (apparently)

don't care, about Copywrite, and Gibson can't seem to do anything about it, (in China, anyway) either.

If it doesn't have Gibson, and isn't sold by a Gibson dealer...be VERY careful/suspicious!



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