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1 recently discovered DR Pure Blues 10's. Sound great on my LP.

Just bought a set' date=' haven't tried them yet (liking the D'Adarios that came on my used LP Classic Antique though).


But usually on my Strats (and on lots of guitars in the past) it's been this

EB Regular Slinky
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For pure sound and feel, Pyramid strings are a hand wound pure nickel string wound with a smaller core so they are lower tension string as well. The down side is if you like a lower action like I do, the hand wound lower tension strings like this can cause some fret buzz that a machine wound, larger core string won't. That being said the closest thing I've found to that sound in a machine wound string is the Ernie Ball Pure Nickel Rock & Roll Slinky. 10s for solid body and 11s for hollow body and I play mostly classic rock and a little blues.

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What are you favorite strings, include guage and style of music. Mine are D'Addario pure nickle 11-48. Classic Rock including blues/rock ie Jeff Beck ect.


Ernie Ball Classic Pure Nickel Super Slinky, 9-42 baby, because I like to BEND. You crazy kids can have your telephone cable strings.


Seriously - used to use Elixir 10-46 but tried the EB's just for fun and liked how the nickel sounded and felt on my electric guitars. On the acoustics, I still like Elixir Custom Light, 11-52.


Oh yeah: type of music, I have no idea. Psychedelic prog-folk garage rock.

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