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Fishman Soloamp vs Bose L1 Compact


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This has been "done" a few times over on the AGF but I would be very interested to know your opinions. Opinions are very close but, surprisingly to me, the folks over on the AGF seem to favour, ever so slightly, the Fishman.


I can source the Bose at a discount so the prices here in the UK will be very similar to each other.


I will have to sell the 335 and the Marshall AS50 to fund it - I just don't play the 335 ans I want to mod my Strat slightly too. I'd much rather let someone actually play what is a beautifully made and great sounding guitar. The acoustic career is coming on nicely so I want to move to the next level of amplification.


So does anyone have either/both, A/Bed them, thinking of buying one, general comments?

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I did a little research and agree that from what I have read the two you mention seem to be about equal in reviews. I have heard that the Bose can sound a little tinny ....but I think this is a general complaint with all Bose speaker systems.


I quickly gave up on both these options simply due to price. I think particularly with the Bose system that the basic system is OK but really you need the Audio Engine to really make things sound great...and that became very pricey very fast.


I ended up going with a more conventional but portable PA system by Yamaha. I think unless you have the tall tower configuration as your only acceptable option....you should look at the Yamaha system.


stagepas 500


stagepas 300


Stagepas 300/500 data sheet comparison



I bought the smaller 300 simply because I don't play out and only use it to pretend I am a rock star in my music room. So all my practical hands on experience is with the 300, but I have heard the 500 is just as good. The 500 is the larger system and unless you are only going to work in small quiet environs. the 300 won't cut it. The 300 is dead quiet, sounds great, and unless you crank it and point a mic directly at the speaker...I have had no feedback issues. While the speakers look bulky, they are really light ! (For the 500 the total wieght is 24.0kg (52.9lbs) [speaker x 2 + Powered Mixer]) and the powered mixer snaps into one speaker and the second speaker has a storage area for cables. It is pretty slick! Obviously you should test drive them all, but I do suggest you add the Yamaha system to your list to look at.


My 02 cents


(EDIT) -- Was just remembering the other reason I decided against the Soloamp and Bose was that they are limited to two channels so if I wanted vocal mic + pick up + instrument mic = adding additional boxes ....like a small dual channel pre-amp etc. seems to start nullifying the simple compact advantages of these systems.

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While I've not had the opportunity to try the Bose Compact system, I did own and use a Bose L1, model 1 "stick system" and I still have my Fishman Solo. Between those two, the Fishman wins hands down as a more compact, more complete system. The Bose had very little on-board in the way of EQ control...... just clicker wheel presets that were not user adjustable. It worked well as a PA system for my band with an outboard mixer to accomodate multiple mics and provide EQ, and it sounded quite good used as an acoustic guitar/mic setup for solo work. But without onboard EQ (and without the extra piece of an outboard mixer) it offered little adjustment for varying rooms and conditions.


The Solo is a stand alone, all-in-one system for the solo singer/songwriter that needs nothing outboard to sound outstanding in any environment. It all packs in one bag (including it's stand) that weighs in at under 30 pounds: amplification on one shoulder, guitar on the other - a one-trip load-in, load-out. Who could ask for more?


Node says the Bose Compact needs the Audio Engine added on to offer tonal variety. If that is true, regardless of it's sound it is an incomplete system in the basic configuration. The Solo is complete right out of the box.


Good hunting for your musical nirvana........

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