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Help with Gibson LG-0 Restoration


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I'm new to the Gibson Forums. I have recently come across a 1960s Gibson LG-0. It came equipped with the original plastic bridge. I have removed that and have since purchased a rosewood reverse belly bridge as a replacement. The next step is to glue and clamp the bridge into place. However, I am no experienced guitar technician!


I am only 40$ and a pair of old shoes into the guitar and feel its worth experimenting with (since the professional cost of repair is too hefty)


Can anyone provide advice as to how to go about installing the bridge correctly (i.e. best type of glue, clamping techniques, sanding?)


Also, once the bridge is installed, I intend to replace the bridge pins and saddle with another material. I was thinking ebony, tusq, or bone. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations specific to the LG-0 (which material suits it best).


Lastly, if you change the bridge pin and saddle material, is it necessary to change the nut as well. (additionally, is it necessary to be consistent with the materials used--i.e. the same material for each piece?).


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks for your advice,



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