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A teaching moment. On Father's Day...


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... I'm at my brother's place celebrating with the family. My guit tar fingers are getting itchy and I know my nephew has a FirstAct gathering dust. I inquire and he fetches it. I know he has not picked it up in a while. My SIL ask if I can 'Tune' it. :-k Sure, I say.


Anyways, turns out the reason he hasn't played it in a while is that he can't plug it in. The output jack nut fell off and the jack is inside the body. After my SIL gives me her tool basket to rummage through, I do some surgery. With a small Phillips screwdriver and 10-WR ViceGrips, I get the jack installed with just the back-up nut, then realize one of the jack wires has severed itself from the solder joint. By this time I realized I had drawn a crowd. :-s While the solder job was decent, the wire was hair thin. The other one is hanging on by 3 strands. I didn't have time to get out the solder iron, so I just played it unplugged. Actually, getting the solder iron probably entailed my brother backing the Impala out of the garage and moving a couple bikes and a law tractor...


Interesting thing, on this FirstAct, the jack had a logo stamped on it, "?piphone."


I got the sense that my brother, his dad, thought his son had been rough with it. I told him it was the result of the "loose jack nut syndrome." Hopefully, now that he and his dad know what's wrong with it, they can fix it and he will be back in business, playing the noblest instrument.

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