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lol! That's awesome!


Here are some of my favorite words and phrases:


keen teen


on the beam


real smooth



neat job

date parade

weenie roast

a grind

real gone

... he is number one on the hit parade with every dream beam.




out of this world


get real cool


real hep




There's also some pretty kinky innuendo going on... depending on how your brain works:



George: "Now there's a neat job I'd like to meet. She could be number one on my date parade."

Frank: "That's a cinch. Nancy's my sister. I'll introduce you."



Frank (to George): "Don't be a grind. The whole crowd will be at the weenie roast and you'll have a ball."



Nancy: "We're having a girls drag night. The femmes choose the victim and you're elected to tow me."

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Yeah, I'd guess around 1960. No references to "rock" or "bands" which would be about right for that time period as well. In some circles "rock" was a dirty word; this covered pretty well anybody. The clothing and girls styles looked about right for that time period, too.


The slang wasn't what I was hearing at the time, though, but a lot of that was regional.


Oh - George was worried about failing grades more than dates.



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Funny thing about this thread, the comic, etc...


I got to thinking of the era and a dance or two at a local "teen center" where I was in high school in 1960...


Dee Clark: Raindrops; running 45s over a PA that didn't hurt the ears and you actually could talk with friends.


The "guitar band" wasn't yet "the" rock machine...


Everly Brothers stuff still had heavy acoustic guitar sound and was considered .... I dunno, but the radio played it.





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I thought it sounded familiar. It's a music wholesale company that has sold a lotta stuff over the years.


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Wow, playing guitar was easier in the 50's. That George guy really turned out to be the Big Man On Campus. Everyone know Football Players are way less popular than Band Geeks, I'm glad George figured that out before he succumbed to alcoholism and early divorce.

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