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There's a scene from It Might Get Loud where The Edge, White, and Page are playing slide guitar together for In My Time Of Dying (chapter 26).

What is that beautiful Gibson Page is playing?

I like it a lot and want one.

Anybody know the correct answer?

Anybody :-k

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Thanks Stiffy.

That was my original guess.

Vintage Guitar

But Jimmy's is somehow a bit different.


Did some more searching and the consensus seems to be some sort of ES350 and' date=' yes, Page's guitar does seem a bit different. At least the tailpiece is not the same as what is on the guitar in the link you posted.






Here's an older thread where the hollow body dudes were talking about it: What is Jimmy Page Playing - Hollow and Semi-Hollow Body Guitars - Gibson Forums


Whatever it is, it's one beautiful guitar and makes me drool for a hollow body with P90s... especially that one and not just because it's a guitar that Jimmy Page plays.

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Yea, it looks like the model has been discountinued then reintroduced with changes maybe more than one time so there are slight differences depending on the year.


I found the book "Gibson Electrics, the classic years" at the local library and in it there is a pic of a 1952 model, very sharp looking guitar and a completely different tail piece from any posted in here by the way.

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The one that Jimmy Page is playing has a stinger paint job on the back of the headstock.

So I don't think it's from the 50s. Although they might have done that then.

I found a 1998 ES-350T in Washington. It's a sunburst with humbuckers and the guy wants $2900.00 for it.

GASsing again.

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