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What is this Gibson with Johnny Cash??


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Movie theaters hung this poster in advance of the release of Johnny and June's biopic, Walk The Line:



A similar graphic adorns one of my DVD copies of WTL... yes I said one of... I have 3. I'm not weird, I just bought one for myself. Different family members also bought me copies, not knowing I had already bought it on the first day it was released.


Back in that day and time pick guards were 'bling'. Anyone who was anyone had big gaudy pick guards. There was a boutique manufacturer, whose name escapes me that had one that appeared to be a tidal wave. Manufacturer's name began with a "G"...


At some point it was determined, or just decided, that big guards muted guit tars, and big, double guards went away... until Dwight Yoakam came on the scene.


Actually I kind of like this one. It does bespeak Johnny Cash's personality. The J200? refelects his traditional side. The guard has a Gene Simmons of KISS look. Might be where he got the idea.


If you scrunch the sides of the guard and elongate it.... I've seen a solid body guit tar that looked almost like that.



Back to the original photo. Judging by his looks I'd say he is in his late 20s. That and he and Vivian moved to Memphis in about ' 54. I'm guessing the pic was taken in mid to late 50's. The furniture fits. But.. I stayed in a hotel once, in the 90's that had that exact hotel room set. No charge for the bed bugs.


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I saw that guitar last weekend. It proudly resides in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, which is a FANTASTIC place to visit, by the way. My son and I visited and spent 6 hours in there, and still didn't see everything. Don't miss this treasure of American music history.



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