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Hello Gibson Forum....meet my girls.

King Loudness

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Hey guys,



It dawned on me recently that I own two Gibson Les Paul's, but had never posted about them on the Gibson forums! To quickly introduce myself, my name is Will, and I'm a fifteen year old guitarist from Eastern Canada. Despite not posting here very often, I took some pics of my Les Paul's recently, and I felt like showing them off, as I know guitar porn is much appreciated around boards like this...



First off is the auburn, my 2010 Les Paul Traditional in Honey Burst. I purchased this one on April 4th of this year from L&M. At the time, I was in the market for my first high end Gibson, and I played nearly every LP on the wall, yet when it was all over, none of them really "sang" to me. I decided to take a chance and order a new 2010 in Honey Burst (my preferred colour choice), and when it arrived and I hit that first chord, I knew it was mine for life. I've dreamed about owning a flametop LP for about ten years, and now I was finally able to realize that dream.










Next is the redhead, my 2009 Les Paul Junior in Satin Cherry. I traded a 1978 Ibanez PF-300 for this locally around the end of May. It was in mint condition when I got it, the plastic was still on the pickguard and back cover! However, since I've gotten hold of it, it's wearing in nicely. The single P90 pickup has the raunchiest tone that I've ever heard, and when I first heard it through a cranked tube amp, I wondered where I'd been all this time. Definitely another "keeper".









Now for a few of the guitars together!









(Apologies if this should be posted in the introduction section... I wasn't sure where to post it, and I figured the Les Paul section was the most appropriate, because I simply wanted to show off my faves!)

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That's the plan. I do really well in school (otherwise the guitars might not be seen so often).


good job bro!..God if i could relive the past five years of my life i would in a heartbeat ( I'm 20 btw) Keep your snake trained and keep doin well in school! and of course....keep rockin bud!!


ps (beautiful trad man..i was going to go for the Honeyburst but they were all out so I went with the Desert..best guitar I have ever owned..)[biggrin]

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Ok that's one in April and one in May what is the plan for June? Just kidding very nice start on a lifelong addiction...

I was considering getting one of the limited run SG Classic's... until I looked in my wallet and found dust. Oh well, there should be more gear coming in the house once I start full time summer work in early July.
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Welcome to the forum!! That Honey Burst is KILLER!!! Im jealous....
So you're a member of the Gibson Customer Service? Well, maybe you can help me with with a little problem I'm having here...



























































... I'm addicted to buying Gibson's, how exactly do I stop?

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Welcome to the forums. Nice guitars especially the Trad. Honey Burst.


I'm not customer service, but I'll answer your question. You don't stop until you get married and have a family. LOL Although many members here will dispute that, it was the killing factor for me. Enjoy them while you can still afford it.


All kidding aside, you can keep buying guitars as long as you feel comfortable doing so. For me, until I start gigging professionally, I have no need for more than one electric and one acoustic.

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