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Aging my sg and what type is it? many thanks


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I bought this guitar nearly 20yrs ago and the seller (the mate of my father's professional guitarist freind) said it was possibly an early 70s SG. Feeling really guilty that I have not been playing this guitar, its been sat in its molded case (i bought the case separately) for c15yrs but as a positive it means that it is in perfect condition. I feel like I should sell it because it feels really wrong that its not being played. Anyway a quick check on a website re serial numbers (05426) and it says:


Your guitar was made at the

Kalamazoo Plant, USA

approximately in: 1961


So I'm now scratching my head as i always thought it an early 70's guitar but then the chap said he was just guessing as he was not the first/original owner.


I have tried to upload a photo as I am not sure what type of sg it it but for some reason it just comes up with [/img]

I'll try to descibe it instead. Small scratch plate which is black with no white edging, dot inlays, head just says gibson with no other inlays or SG markings, metal tuners which say gibson deluxe. 05426 made in U.S.A. I can't see how a guitar if its age could be in a better conditon because sadly its hardly been played..


would love to email pics to anyone who is interested in identifying it


many thanks

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With "MADE IN USA" impressed below the serial number, it sounds like it would be consistent with an instrument from the early to mid '70's. It should have 6 digits in the serial number. Sometimes the last digit is not stamped as clearly as the rest of the numbers and if the instrument had ever been refinished, the last digit might have been sanded away.

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