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Recent article about Jacob Dylan, and choosing guitars....


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Interesting take, I tend to agree.....


In the latest issue Acoustic Guitar magazine there is an interview with Jacob Dylan.............


Like many songwriters, Jacob Dylan believes that good guitars have songs embedded in them. " I mean some instruments are, for lack of a better expression,....dead," he says,

"Maybe they've written too many songs. My ears are open, I know a nice guitar when I play one, of course, but I've looked at some guitars that are astronomically priced and seem like you couldn't beat a song out of them with a baseball bat. That's why looking for acoustic guitars is a great hunt, because there could be the real inexpensive ones that have just got a life in them -

something is busting out of them. It's a hunch that you get. You pick it up and you just know.

I want this guitar."

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I got my copy a few day's ago and rushed to read the article about him as I am a big fan. I like what he said about guitars, but I'm not a songwriter, just a mediocre picker.

It's good to know that mumbling isn't a hereditary thing :-

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Thanks for passing that along about Jakob Dylan. He shows some pretty good wisdom for his (relative) years.


I was in a small guitar shop this week (one not on my speed dial) that formerly carried Gibson. When I inquired as

to where the Gibsons were, I got the "too inconsistent" line. I made it known that it must be tough carrying that

size of inventory, but as for "Inconsistent", all I could say was something about "yeah, you actually have to develop

your ear, & refine & redefine what sound it is that you're looking for, & not just pony up your cash & be done with it."


I think Jakob said it well.

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Completely agree;


I have ended up with guitars that were NOT the latest rage but they spoke to me and and I knew right away that it wanted to give me something-so to speak.


I also had a hard time letting said guitar go until I started to get the feeling that ...maybe it had given ME all the songs it needed to and , just maybe, it was time to give songs to someone else for awhile.


...call me crazy...but I have kinda stuck to this belief and it has always inspired great songs and also has allowed me to be able to let some beloved guitars go-so they could be loved by someone else...


Reading the Dylan article brings back great memories of driving top-down in my years I lived in California in the mid-nineties and the album/CD -Bringing Down the Horse was playing...some great lines/lyrics such as;


...cheap lovers make expensive wives...




...but I see colors-and I hear voices-but I wish I felt nothing...then it might be easy for me-like it is for you...



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Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can sit in a boat' date=' drinkin' beer all day while you fool around with his old lady. [/quote']




It always wierds me out when I see someone post how their expensive high end custom Luthier dejour guitar is so transcending. In my ever so humble opinion....if you spend much more than about $3K ...any extra dollars are going toward something besides tone.


I always thought the fun was to find the best tone / sound / vibe / muse / inspiration / etc. for the least amount of money. :-k

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I just love it when artists, or painters, or architects, or musicians try to explain their process. Senior Dylan claims that some of the greatest songs at the beginning of his career, just channeled through him. He also states that he can't do that anymore, but he can do other things now that he couldn't do back then. I read where Jackson Browne has 100 guitars and he says playing a "C" chord on any of them, takes him in a different directions with respect to songwriting. Senior Dylan was rather incestuous with guitar brands and models over the years, and you have to wonder which songs were inspired by which guitars. I also beleive, that many artists have "composing" guitars, and "performance" guitars which are suitable for the environments they are used in.

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