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I had gas, and well you know the drill.


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The rehearsal room is in the middle of nowhere.


I use a 10 watt combo at the house.


That's sweet. My band rented a studio in a warehouse in an industrial area and we could just crank it up at whatever time we wanted. Pretty soon we won't be able to crank it much at all.


I had this cd that says "crank it or spank it" on the back.

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We pulled an all niter. After tweaking rubbing and playing through several different guitars I think I've got it dialed in.

It's a fire breathing beast now for sure.


After the speaker break in it will be a purring kitten.


I've never been a big gear whore because I like what I have. But this is the first 'big' gear move I've made in a LONG time.

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