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that's the first time i ever had a thread deleted...

S t e v e

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Well, I didn't see what you posted, so I can't say it was offensive, or not? But, there are "kids"

on here as young as 12 or 13...that "I" know of, from their previous postings, so...NO, we're

not ALL "Adults," technically. But, that may (or may not) have been the reason your image/post

was deleted? Duane can probably explain more accurately, why it happened.




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none of the above guys [cool]


i can't even explain what it was as that would prob be deleted too, but it did get 7 views and 1 comment before removal (wether the 7 views were by the same person we'll never know) :-k:-&

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Well my curiosity made me look in to AREA51 and look at your post..... I must admit it's funny as all hell' date=' but it is inappropriate [razz ..... LOL!!!



that's exactly what i thought when i posted it and wanted a laugh out of it [biggrin] , but i didn't think about the inappropriate side of it [blush]

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