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What's my '63 SG Standard [lefty] Worth?


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Hi. I have a banged up '64 SG lefty. When I say banged up I mean it's been played a lot. Cherry duco's worn down to the wood in parts on the inside, scratched up and cracked [duco only- not the body ] all over. Pick ups are PAFs, stop tailpiece added in the '70s in London. Grovers [2nd set]. Cracked neck near the nut was reset [glued and clamped] and the neck refinished in mid '80s. Beeb Birtles described it as 'ballsy'. I think he used it on 'Emma' I bought it from him around '83 when he sold off all his guitars. See it in the pic there. Letter from Gibson says it's a '63 Standard. So all original apart from machine heads, re-fret when necessary, stop tailpiece [filled holes from original vib. bar]. Ballpark figure anyone?

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