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I cant igure out which amp i want. is it the blackstar series one 100w or the marshall jcm 800. im playing things from slash led zeppelin and almost everything but not to heavy. i want a easy to use amp with more chanels. and alot of sound possibility, which one? fell free to intreduce me to other amps to please:)

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If you really need that much power, I'd get the Blackstar in a heartbeat. Excellent features, love the ISF, and you can go clear down to 10w though like Egnater's wattage control it merely reduces the amount of headroom in the power amp before it distorts - doesn't reduce the output from 100W to 10W. But, if you're playing dirty it effectively accomplishes the same thing being able to get power amp distortion [where the sweetness is] at much lower volume.


It's a lot of power though either way. I've got an Egnater Rebel 30 right now and absolutely love it and it will get damn loud. Was going to use it for my new throw and go and get the Renegade if we ever start gigging again. I can gig with this 30W amp though in any venues I am going to play and haven't yet decided I need any more than the 30watter. Plus I just like walking in with this tiny cute little head and blowing people away with it.


I wish Blackstar would make a 45W head version of their Series One, instead of just the combo. The 100 would be way overkill for me. I used to pi$$ off the neighbors with a 50W Peavey Ultra less than 2 on the master volume. Unless you're playing really large venues you really don't need that much power.

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