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Carry That Weight....


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I'm not a big believer in "heavier sounds better". Remember I gigged a '72 (all solid) Lester for 14 + years, so I'm not speaking from heresay.... My #1 is an ES-339.....


Anyhow, my wife bought a digital scale today, and I couldn't resist..... [lol]


My daughters '08 Fireburst Studio weighs 7.4 lbs.

My '08 Wine Red Studio weighs 7.5 lbs.

The '07 ES-339 weighs 7.0 lbs.

The '79 "The SG" (solid walnut) weighs 8.0 lbs.

The '91 Telecaster weighs 8.2 lbs.

The '61 Melody Maker (mahogany) weighs 5.2 lbs.

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I don't think heavier really means better... But I have to say the best couple Les Pauls I've played were heavy. I like a heavy LP. If I was buying an LP I wouldn't care if it was chambered or not. I would just be concerned with feel and sound.. and maybe looks... I tend to gravitate towards the heavy solid ones though.


I know I'm always talking about GASing about some guitar.. but I'm really GASing for an R8.

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So is that Tele solid ash (must be eh)? Interesting though. The 339 doesn't feel as heavy as the Lesters to me. Must be all that air inside the f-holes...


Yea, the burst ones are ash, as far as I know.


My ES-339 might outweigh yours due to the "tar and nicotine" picked up in the remaining bars in Ky that allow smoking.

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I had weighed a bunch of mine months ago with a digital fishing scale also



1. Gibson Warren Haynes 9lb 6oz

2. Gibson Standard (Mardi-Gra) 8lb 12oz

3. Gibson Standard mid 70s 9lb 11oz

4. Gibson Standard faded 9lb 13oz

5. Gibson ES-335 8lb 7oz

6. Gibson LP Voodoo 8lb 7oz

7. Gibson Studio BFG 8lb 8oz

8. Gibson Firebird 8lb 3oz

9. Gibson L6-s 1977 7lb 13oz

10. Fender American Strat 8lb 3oz

11. Fender American Tele 8lb 1oz

12. Rickenbacker 6 string 7lb 5oz

13. PRS Single cut 9lb 7oz

14. Yamaha AES 820 7lb 13oz

15. Taylor Solid Body Custom 7lb 6oz

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Just did mine out of interest.


1991 "1960 Classic" - 9lb 01.

1995 "1960 Classic" - 8lb 12.

1995 R0.IIIIIIIIiIIIIII - 8lb 13.


Interestingly, in the 'Tone Quest Report' shoot-out of half-a-dozen '59s (April 2008) the unanimous favourite was the lightest of the crop.


I quote :


"...we did believe that their comparatively light weight was uniquely contributing to an extraordinarily vibrant sound in a style that was audibly different from the heavier bursts. The fact that the notes seemed to jump so forcefully and 'faster' from some of the lighter vintage bursts was impossible to ignore..."


Note, of course, they say "different" (not simply 'better') and "some of" (not 'all of').

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I bought a digital luggage scale not long ago. I think it must be similar to a fishing scale, you hook the guitar to it and let it hang and it gives you a digital read out of the weight.. I think I bought it on an airplane from the duty free stuff. I thought hey I can use that to weigh my guitars...[biggrin] I'll add the weights to the guitar list in my signature when I get around to it...





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The ES is only a pound heavier than the SG.... [cursing]


Flight; if you are talking about Murphs ES-339 and his Walnut 'The SG' then you are as bad at sums as Chloe is...




(If not' date=' I apologise profusely and will buy you a beer or two in compensation! LOL!)[/size']

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