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Nice. Do you always play with the cloth for an arm rest? I know you are trying to protect the finish. It's too late for my Les Paul' date=' I got clouding in that area very soon after I got the guitar.[/quote']



no, not all the time. If i wear a long sleeve shirt i don't. but here in Florida, even in the ac it gets a little warm. I have been using the cloth since i noticed a bit of clouding on my V. Since i waited so long to be able to afford the guitars i have now, i protect them at home. When i play out in a club, i'll always wear a long sleeve shirt.

thanks for all the + comments. how about some of everybodies elses vids posted here. it would be nice to see what

goin on. just a thought.

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I really wanted to see a lesson on polishing....


Good video though and I'll add' date=' you know how to play the blues very very well ...[/quote']


And Big Bill too,


I won't be doing a vid of polishing my axe ...... but , you remember ...... wax on , wax off ...... LMOA !!!!!!


thanks guys.

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