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I've had a '62 and a '63. They were okay. I get it in my head I need a Jaguar or Jazzmaster when I go on a surf instrumental kick but that's just in my head; I don't think they're any better suited for that type of music.... except the tremolos are really smooth.


The controls are a little over the top. I come from the Tele school (basic beyond basic).


Even having said all that, I'd love to have another one someday.

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I briefly owned a '69 Tele thinline that was owned by Narvel Felts. It sat in a green '76 Volare for about 10 years. When I got it, the frets were green. It was a good Tele but I paid $500 for it and knew I could quickly flip it. I sold it a few weeks later for $1350. That was in '96 or '97. It would have brought scary money now. Here is a crappy shot of Narvel holding the Tele on a c.1970 album:



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1996 MIJ Jaguar. Too much feed back and not enough b@ll$ so I put a Red Lace Sensor in the bridge a few years ago. It has a TOM style bridge as well. I will eventually get mustang saddles and put the old bridge back on. I have loved the way it plays since the day I bought it in the summer of 96.


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Here's me playin' my '64 or '65 Jag. Sorry, it's in B&W, the photo was taken for a newspaper ad. This was back in 1965. This is a photo of the picture when it was on some TV show.


It was a "pinky-orange" color...ugly as heck. Maybe called Persimmon?


When I got out of music, I gave it to my brother. Last year, I asked him if he still had it...he said he sold it like 7-8 years ago for $500.

I wish I had it back.



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