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I got into The Mayo Clinic

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Wow Mick' date=' I didn't know that about you.

I'm very glad that you got accepted into the Mayo Clinic. Top-notch doctors there.

They'll fix ya' up.

I'll put you on the payer list.

Keep us informed as to your diagnosis and progress.



Umm Cali what's the payer list?

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I'd would say I'd pray for ya but too many here would be offended if I did that.

I'm not a religious man but I also do not take offence to someone offering me a prayer {or a payer Cali :P } I still see it as a nice thought.


For the record I'm in no immediate danger from my condition but I need the means to keep close tabs on it and I haven't been able to do that for awhile. And to now be able to have such a high level of practice working to keep me as healthy as possible is great.


Thanks for all the support.

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