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Gruhns Flooded......


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Over $100' date='000.00 worth.


But at Gruhns, that's just a handfull.



That could even mean just one at Gruhn's, but it would be an important one.


Long & McQuade here in Calgary got flooded one summer and they did lose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of high-end guitars and equipment. We were hoping they'd sell some of it at low cost but it all had to be returned. Why? Because it was insured.

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Thanks to Murph for the info and to RAR for the link to the website and its connected video news story. I know George Gruhn, and I wish him the best in this time of such an ironic loss. Guitars are like people to those of us who care, and it's most painful to see them ruined or damaged.


To barely miss the recent Nashville flooding and then have this happen is hard to take for sure. Best wishes to George and everyone at Gruhn Guitars. (Insurance may help financially, but it can do little to soothe the emotional trauma of something like this....)



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