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New picture thread

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Looks like Gibson Forums got a slight refresh today and a few things have been rearranged.

Let's see how many historic reissues are still here.


From left to right: '68 Custom' date=' (skip the Traditional [cool) R8, CR8, R9, 50th R9, Pearly Gates, SG VOS.





Visually, My fav is the Trad :-$ , honey burst is a killer.

owing a trad too I think they are great guitars for a more honest price than what must be through out the windows for a Rx.[-(

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and the groupie shot.



^Love your Iced Tea and the Honey Burst... Does your Gibson LP Studio VM have the BBpros?

That's the one I have (below). I use it as a workhorse when I'm not using my 1960 VOS (below).

You set up that baby right and it plain rocks. Nice pics.






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