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Last nights gig... my first video post...


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great stuff dave :-


what guitar you playing? i can't see it as the stand is in the way :-$


Playing my trusty Robot first addition... I had my black custom with me as a spare and glad I did' date=' broke a sting on the last song.... Did two encores with the custom... [crying

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Nice job Dave[thumbup]


Are you the only guitarist in the band?


Thanks man.... No' date=' I'm not the only guitar player but in that tune the other guitarist puts his guitar down and sings...

Here is another clip where he is playing and singing....



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Wonderful stuff, Dave.


It's clear that everyone was having a real fun time.


Here's to the next gig, eh?!


EDIT : I've just caught up with the other post regarding the gig (it was on page three, hence the time delay!) and, although the meaning is slightly different in the light of the additional info, I feel that my post still makes some sense!


Best wishes with the bassist's new project!


And I second the 'don't bother too much about learning a solo note-for-note' advice. Your own input might just be better for two reasons; firstly - everyone will be familiar with the original so your interpretation will be fresh; secondly - if you fck-up the recorded version everyone will know whereas your own take will be 'correct' no matter what you play!


Good luck!

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