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I barely knew ye, :-(


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So my first cell phone finally gave up the ghost. No warning just one morning she would light up, but would not display nary a letter, then the light would go out.




Still a bit weepy. I really don't like the colored screen. It's hard to read.


After a brief period of grieving over my Nokia 1100, I've moved on. I've transferred all the data I could to the new phone... the new one I'm not sure i'm going to like, but... any ways.


What to do with the old one? Mount her on the wall? Bury her? Put her in a closet to gather dust awaiting the arrival of the newest thing in my pocket to likewise give up the ghost?


What is the proper, respectful, 'green' method of sending my venerable $7.00/month CP to it's great reward?

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My daughter collects cell phones. She'll give it a good home and I'll pay the postage.


She works for a company that maintains and upgrades cell phone plans for Verizon. The company is closing in August so she's in a panic. Another company may pick up the building and some employees but we don't know yet. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of cell phone specs and she gets a new one about every freakin' month. All the bells and whistles. I'm using a Motorola V6Z or something like that, a hand me down from her. It's a basic slider phone with a decent camera and it's worked fine for at least 3 years. I have no intention of retiring it until it dies, much to her chagrin.


In better financial times we have bought those dummy phones in ebay lots, the ones they use in the displays in stores or mall kiosks. They don't work, she doesn't care, she just likes them for their collector coolness (I have about 130 transistor radios from the 50s, 60s, and 70s so I'm no better).

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I may take you up on that.


I'm having troubles with the new one... suprise! [blink]


I tried calling the new phone using my wife's so I could up load her new number. Problem is, after one ring, she gets a "the party to whom you are calling has not set up their voice mail yet.... good bye." [thumbup]


I don't have voice mail, don't need it, don't want it..... I can't even find a "Voice Mail" application on this electronic mavel... but it does have a colored screen.. pssssh! [-(


My phone never rings or even winces. I then called HER phone from my new LG and it rings through just fine. TracFone has gone to bed... It's 9:47 in the blessed A.M. in New Delhi.???


For what they pay those folks, they could have the Customer Care Center open 24hrs a day... ah well, Tomorrow's another day.

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