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My PRS 25th Anniversary Custom 24 has arrived!!


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Well it took almost six months but it was worth it. I got it on Friday. This is everything I expected out of a PRS; perfect setup with absolutely no flaws. When I mean no flaws I really mean it. No scratches on the fretboard, no paint bleeds, nothing! The guitar is simply amazing. The tones you can get out of it are incredible.


Here are pictures. The finish is Smoked Amber. It's a "10 Top." Although you can't see it well it's got a hint of red around it.








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I literally gasped when I saw that, my dad looked at me like I was insane.


Truly a beautiful guitar man...


Can we get a video with this one? Please? [biggrin]


that pic of the case, it was torture waiting to scroll down.

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It's growin on me! I've never seen that finish. It's nice. The fretboard looks incredible. It looks really playable.


I'm happy you finally got it and I bet the wait was horrible. I've been waiting a few days to pick up my Telecaster and I've been goin crazy!

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