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I see authentic Gibson L-5 cases pop up on e-bay now and then, usually older cases at rediculously high prices ($300-$500). I also see aftermarket cases starting at around $60 that "claim" to fit an L-5, some with off-brand logos, some blank. The Gibson L-5 body shape and size is much copied, so anybody that makes an L-5 style copy would have have a case that MIGHT fit a Gibson. Many Gibson cases are made by a company out of Canada called TKL. I don't know if they sell direct.


I too, like you, would not want to carry my L-5 around in a case that says"Yamasaki", but a proper fitting non-logo case would be alright. Now there is a way to get rid of a logo off a case that was invented back in the late sixties....the BUMPER STICKER. Also works to repair rips in the covering, cigarrette burns and beer stains.


I'm looking to replace the 60+ year old case for my L-7 (same shape and size as an L-5), so if you find anything let me know, I'll do the same.


If money is no object, and you want the best case in the business, and one that would survive a nuclear holocaust, there is a company called CALTON that makes a case that is far superior to everything else. Calton cases are what the touring jazz artists are using to throw their guitars in the luggage compartments on airlines as checked baggage.

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