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Favourite Fret Inlays?

Artie Owl

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Ok, you can post your favourites or least favourites in fret inlays.

Ok, my top pic is going to be a shocker, the sg acrylic trapezoid mother of pearl inlay;



I also really like the PRS bird inlay;



But I really don't find the bodies of PRS guitars all that attractive.


I'd have to say my least favourite is actually the standard dot inlay, I guess it doesn't appeal to me.

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I dig the lightning on Angus' signature guitar. and I know what you mean about the dot inlays, Ive considered tracking down someone and putting cooler inlays in the the neck, wouldnt be much of a problem if the new inlays just go as deep and the old ones and run through them so you wont notice it [biggrin]

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I am not picky: inlays add cost with no real benefit to performance that I am aware of.


I don't like how Gibson has gone to acrylic instead of real Mother-of-Pearl. Others have as well.

May favorite are the real MOP "Victory" inlays that Hamer does...



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