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i want to know origin of this lespaul Jr


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hi i have sighted rare gibson model.

it is named gibson lespaul jr pro 88.

and has written Not For Resale on serials.

has Steinberger Under License written on bridge of guitar.


i have never seen this type of lespaul jr. and i asked about origin of this guitar and i heard it is supposed to be prototype or ornament purpose guitar which was not meant to be mass produced..


hell it looks cool



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Guest rogerb

The Junior Pro is a Single cutaway mahogany body (Les Paul shape), beveled waist on treble side, slim-coil humbucking pickup with black cover and no visible polepieces, has a small pickguard that extends from treble side waist to end of fingerboard, 2 knobs, Steinberger KB-X locking-nut vibrato, ebony fingerboard with dot inlay, decal logo, features black chrome hardware. This model was available 1988 only and retailed for $556.00.

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