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Gone, gone, gone...


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Well folks, the Goldtop is officially history, Guitar Center bought it back from me yesterday, and thing is I expected to take a beating on it, and it really wasn't that bad (1400.00!) so that's kool I guess, and, I can always get another one down the road, good bye, old girl, I'm gonna miss ya...

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thats ok

because you next geetar will be the peter frampton custom right:d/


I gotta tell ya Jess' date=' if I got that guitar, and had to move it, I probably string-up, I couldn't bear to lose a masterpiece like that, I'm almost afraid to get another Gibson for fear of having to sell the damn thing! 'Course if I won Powerball, or won big at Foxwoods or something, I wouldn't have money worries anymore, and I'd have every Les Paul ever contrived, I'm kinda partial to the '54 Custom, or maybe that Oxblood, or perhaps an original '52 Goldtop, a friend of mines got a 1964 SG Custom I'd LOVE to aquire, or perhaps a Firebird VII...with Bigsby? I dunno, I better shut up while I'm ahead! But, I still got this one...


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I'm kinda partial to the '54 Custom' date=' or maybe that Oxblood![/quote']




my dream les pauls

cherryburst standard- CHECK

wine red custom

goldtop with P-90s and a slim neck

and alpine whiite custom



thoose are my fav colors

but an orig les paul goldtop?

what would make you want to blow most of your money on a guitar like that


ie custom shop reissues, like tens of thousands $ cheaper

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