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bridge reglue


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Hi i recently glued on a replacement rosewood bridge onto my LG-0. THe glue job did not come out so well and with the string tension there is already significant lifting.


I am going to remove the bridge and try again.


Does anyone have any tips for removal?


Does anyone have any tips for clamping it on more effectively. (GLUE? means of clamping?)





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They make fancy bridge clamps (I have several) but they're not absolutely necessary. You have the advantage of having a pin bridge so you can run small machine screws down through the E string hole and clamping it on that way.

(nuts and washers on the inside of course)



Not sure about removal. Any bridge I remove has been on there a long time and everything's brittle.


I know people use hide glue for attaching bridges but I prefer regular yellow glue. I make sure to roughen up the bottom of the bridge and the bridge area of the top. Once glued, leave it for a couple days. You might be tempted to string it up the next morning but it's better to wait.


Finally I like to take a little bit of shellac on the fuzzy end of a match and run a bead of shellac all along the seam where the bridge meets the top. If you're careful it will NOT show but will keep moisture from the air from getting at the glue joint.

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