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Gibson L6S question


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Got a question for you guys, though one.


Got this fantastic sounding l6s, I'd like to put on it some really good locking tuners.


Now, I really don't want do drill hole or having "moving" tuners that annoy the crap out of me while I play.



So I need to know what brand makes a locking tuner exactly sized as a vintage gibson tuner.



You can see in the picture they're GIBSON marked with tulip heads. Are them the same used on 1975 les pauls? Does anybody have a L6S here? Here is the picture.




Do let me know guys: what locking tuners shall I get?

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I have a 73 L6S all Maple 2 piece body with original Grover machine head, and I would look at Sperzel, commonly used on Stratocaster Plus, and Ultra, but no drilling required. They are a bonnet type, and are installed with a machine thread that is around the spindle itself only requiring a nut (no wood screws in the back). I think you would like them.

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