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Though question for the guys who know their stuff!


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Got a question for you guys, though one.


Got this fantastic sounding l6s, I'd like to put on it some really good locking tuners.


Now, I really don't want do drill hole or having "moving" tuners that annoy the crap out of me while I play.



So I need to know what brand makes a locking tuner exactly sized as a vintage gibson tuner.



You can see in the picture they're GIBSON marked with tulip heads. Are them the same used on 1975 les pauls? Does anybody have a L6S here? Here is the picture.




Do let me know guys: what locking tuners shall I get?

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Guest BentonC

Unfortunately, we don't have detailed measurements for these tuners available, but my best recommendation would be to take one of your tuners out, and measure the hole diameter. That will give you a much better idea for a direct replacement. Schaller does make locking tuners, but they might not be a perfect fit, so check www.stewmac.com, www.allparts.com, www.warmoth.com, and any other guitar parts supplier for thier locking tuners. They all should have diameters and measurements clearly listed.

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Those are Schaller tuners made for Gibson. They make tuners for a lot of other brands as well.


Schaller makes locking tuners, but they do not have a retaining screw, and will require you to drill a new hole for a post on the back of the tuner to fit into. Sperzel tuners are the same way. Grover has locking tuners but they have the retaining screw in a different location.


So, there really aren't any options for locking tuners that won't entail you having to make a new hole in the back of the peghead.


now, are you having tuning issues? is there any reason to replace the original tuners?

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Thx for the answers guys!


I'd like to change em cause Locking tuners are great on the stage if a string is broken. Plus they don't have any disadvantage over normal tuners, and I think they keep the guitar in tune more efficiently.


Looks like I'm gonna have to drill holes.


So in that case, what locking tuner will you suggest?



You guys take care!


PS:Benton I'll take a look to those sites hoping they'll provide something that fits perfectly, thx.

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Since many tuning problems are caused by the nut, you could find yourself in the same situation with locking tuners - and a devalued guitar. Try lubing the nut and keep your windings at the posts to a minimum. Also use the string locking technique where the end of the string is trapped underneath the windings.

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