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New Amp or New Guitar: I Bought The Amplifiier


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I am not just saying this because I hate Strats - My vote is for the amp with the hope that a handwired, modern Fender will sound better than what they are selling now. Just find the tone mushy*. My Silvertone 1484 (poor man's black face Twin Reverb) blows it out of the water. Having a great amp is key. You can make the cheapest piece of driftwood sound killer with a great amp. Plug a $3k beauty into a crappy solid state practice amp and you'll get crappy sound.





*Been thinking lately about selling my 65 Deluxe Reverb reissue again, but I need to have some type of replacement for jamming at home.

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I voted amp. I'm a tube amp freak and that one is pretty cool.


While I gigged a Strat for a few years I just don't like the thin sound. They are comfy, but I just don't like the sound with the vibrato, and don't like the hardtail design........



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I'm leaning towards the amp myself.

It's 2K and in Boise, Idaho.


The guitar is a beauty. I like the fact that the guitar has so many appointments.

Bone nut, reverse polarity middle pickup, aged plastic parts. It really looks killer.


I'm torn between the two.

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