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5.21.08: Scales for Playing Metal Guitar

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Lesson of the Day: Scales for Playing Metal Guitar





Vafa Mottahedin, aka RedSGShredderOf course, any scale can be applied to any type of music, but some scales obviously work better than other for certain musical forms. And because yesterday's lesson brought some of our loyal metal head fans out of the closet, we're going to satisfy their penchant for more with a guitar scales lesson aimed soley at defenders of the rock.


Our good friend Vafa Mottahedin, aka RedSGShredder. is back for another round, this time going through some popuilar scales and offering excellent tips on forming your metal solos from various scales. Vafa is a metal guitarist from California who's made quite a name for himself making videos for his friends and fans all over the world. His signature style is heavy machine gun ruffing, and screaming guitar solos with wildly outrageous vibrato. His weapon of choice is, of course, a beautiful red Gibson SG.


So enjoy metal heads, and we'll see if we can make it a perfect trifect tomorrow with another lesson for our devoted metal following.


Click here for today's killer lesson on scales for metal guitar >>


And please don't forget to check tomorrow for yet another lesson from Gibson Lifestyle!

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