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Rumor has it Gibson made a total of 100 Nick Lucas guitars in 1991 - some maple, some rosewood and some koa...


This one was retopped in Bozeman, when and why, I do not know...


Had a longstanding obsession with Koa and Nick Lucas guitars, so seeing the two together was more

than I could resist --- got it from a local guy who goes to lots of shows, so he took the Dove and gave me a fair amount of cash back and this poor lonely thang...


Great resonant fingerpicker as expected, but takes a flatpick really well too...


Maybe all those "I traded my dreadnaught / jumbo for a smaller guitar" types have been right all along...


Here's the pics:










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Nice get' date=' Keith. They're fun guitars. Nothing quite like them when you find a good one.[/quote']


I remember when you found yours Dennis.


I was 98% happy for you, and 2% jealous,

or maybe it was split more like 95 / 5 or 90 / 10...


Who am I trying to kid - knowing there was a Nick Lucas Supreme

to be had sent me on a GASeous quest, but none were to be found,

so they were forgotten about...


Had a non-vintage deep body L-00 for awhile that was pretty cool ---

opened me up to smaller guitar possibilities, but only the upgraded

Nick Lucas inlay would so...


The fancy 00 Koa Martins appealed to me, but the Steve Miller and

Robbie Robertson signatures did not...


But all is forgotten now, this one has some battle scars, and I ripped out

the electronics an unknown prior owner had added along the way ---

but it's amazingly resonant and colorful, and besides,

Nick Lucas played his big hit "Teasing The Frets" with a flatpick, so it

shouldn't be a shock this guitar can go both ways...




KAREN: You are right about tthe regal headstock, so after a

brief "cropping" visit back to photobucket, voila, my new new avatar...


I will of course take full credit, and act like the idea was solely mine...

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Hey Fret Teaser,


Wonder if we could we get a few more pics of the sides and back to check out that finish on the Koa's grain a little better? I had no idea Koa would look that good with the "Sunburst" treatment. Any further pics would be appreciated. Top shots are always great and, as I say, would love to see a few good snaps of the sides, and that gorgeous back wood as well.




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A beautiful guitar. Congratulations. I'd love to hear the story re.,the retop.


Back in early 1991, I played a koa NL at Sam Ash in NYC, loved it, but wasn't smart enough to buy it. Interesting guitars. Those first reissue Montana NLs had the 25.5 instead of vintage 24.75 scale, which made them quite different from the originals. I take it that this is a 25.5 scale guitar?

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I'd love to hear the story re.' date='the retop.


...I take it that this is a 25.5 scale guitar?




RETOP: I got the guitar from a local guy I've traded with for years, he has a little used / vintage guitar shop and goes to shows nationwide, and has a network of buyers / sellers, etc.


He got the guitar from folks out of Louisville, KY that he sometimes deals with, who told him "You wouldn't know it if we didn't tell you, but the guitar was retopped by Gibson."


That's all the info he had...


The top is well broken in, so our best WAG is that back when Bozeman was gearing up, sometimes there were problems with the wood not being properly dried or aged, and maybe the original top split, but that is pure speculation.


Also started a thread over at the UMGF in the Guitar Critics section, and a few folks are posting photos of their NL's.


There is a photo there of a NL label signed by Ren Ferguson #27 / 100 that dates to July 1, 1991 --- mine dates July 30, 1991 and the label is not signed as one of the first 100.


LONG SCALE: Yes it is, resonant and loud even with bare fingers --- picked with a Wegan 1.0 it is at least as loud as some Martin dreads I've had in the past...colorful tone too...

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