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Tele Vs Studio...


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Theres a lot of Tele love here, and I've got a nice '91 that I gigged for years. As people in the band changed, so did the sound, becoming less Country and more Blues/Southern Rock/Motown, ect.


But I see the Studio dissed a lot here also, and I have a couple in this house, one is mine.


Maybe it's just because a Studio is a cheaper Les Paul with less "bling" but it STILL has.....


1; A carved top.

2; Better pickups.

3; A better fretboard.

4; A set neck.

5; Better pickup control with the ability to blend and change the volume/tone on each.

6; Three on a side tuners.

7; No need for a string tree.

8; A better bridge design, regardless of the Teles year.


A Les Paul was designed by a guitar player/inventor. A damned good guitar player and inventor I might add. The first Teles had a 7.25" radius and one pickup.


I don't have anything against the Tele, and probably won't give mine to dem00n, but if I could only take one guitar to a gig it would be a no brainer.

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Well said, Murph... I'm with ya all the way [thumbup]


The studio's I've owned have been EXCELLENT guitars. I've tried out a Tele or two at the store. I do like them quite a bit, but I prefer the look, feel and SOUND of a Les Paul.


As for the understated looks of the studios? I love it...

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Murph I think it's cool that a gigging guy like you can see the good in both guitars, most people don't like the studio because of the lack of fancy aestetical stuff, likewise some people bash the telecaster for its simplicity. IMO they are blind and can't see the greatness of a simple design. Studios are just fine by me, some are amazing (like your fireburst or the silverburst some people have posted here) [thumbup]


That said, I'd take any of my teles over any of my gibbies for any gig [lol]

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The only thing I have against the Studio is the 490/498 Pickups. Not that they're Bad pick ups, I just like the Burst Buckers and 57's a lot better. I know If I ever got a Studio I'd be swapping the Pick ups out, and I don't want to have to do that to a guitar that costs near or over a Grand.

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