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Has anybody tried notation software? I'm interested in trying some out, but I ave no idea where to start. I've got no idea about brands, prices... I am interested in A program where you:


#1. Play your guitar into your computer

#2. Computer hears the notes and notates them into a readable chart...

#3. Print out the chart and share.




thanks ya'll

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I have the basic level of Finale. There are more advanced (and more expensive) levels of Finale that I think can take keyboard (piano like) input. Not sure about guitar input.


Sibelius is another brand I looked at.


They both have websites, just Ask.com or Yahoo it.


Finale was uploadable from their website. If memory serves me, and sometimes it don't, with Sibelius, you had to purchase the disk from a store to install AND you may have to visit their site as well.


I was leaning towards Sibelius (don't remember why), but time constraints and convenience won out.

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