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Since I started ripping my CD collection to mp3 format (yeah, yeah, I know - but I rip to 320kbps and it sounds great in the car) I've become obsessed with embedding high quality album art into the mp3 files. If anyone else is as compulsive about this as I am, the best resource for album art at 600x600 that I have found is the Album Art Exchange. There are usually several versions of the same album cover so you'll want to scrutinize each one to find the best version. While their standards are very high, some images are better than others and some are more true to the original version before reissues.


The Album Art Exchange is sort of a collective contribution so, if you don't find what you're looking for at the site and either scan in your own art work or fix up an image you find on the web or even at the Exchange, do submit it to the web site. There is lots of info on submission guidelines on the "About" section and forums.


Anyway, I really like this web site and it's made my task of updating album art MUCH easier and quicker.




By the way, this is the program I use to edit mp3 tags and embed artwork: TagScanner

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I hear ya, dem00n. I had to do some digging around through Google images and fix up a few crappy ones for some Raven albums. Even then, only a few of them came out good enough for the Album Art Exchange quality standards. I might work on some of them a little further and see if I can clean them up better. Here are the ones I submitted.

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