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Well...atleast 1 of my pups work huh?


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I just recently bought some seymour duncan jbs for da bridge and sh-1 59's for the neck, and decided to install them myself. well, after several trips to walmart, some tool issues, and trying to complete probably the hardest task ever invented (attaching the pups to the mounting thing) by myself. finally, we get everything done. put a few strings on to test them out. Sounds great at first, then i flip my toogle to treble....nothing... after 2 hours of tinckering, its 12:30 right now, we have concluded that we have no idea what's wrong with it. Everything is soldered in their correct spot. The volume pot seems to be working fine, since once it is set to "0" with both pups activated, no sound is heard till you turn back up the volume. We finally get a little sound out of it but you gotta listen real hard and turn the amp way up. Our only guess now is that we need to sand down the vol. pot and resoldered the ground. Possibly a faulty pup? Or it its just the volume pot? i have a new 500k volume pot coming in soon so that's the next thing we gotta check out.


Any one else have a similar problem? or have a suggestion? kinda frustrating if i gotta take it into the shop when i could've just done that in the first place XD Learned my lesson.

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I think it's probably the potentiometer. You could have melted it internally.


That's my guess since you said you worked on it for two hours. If you were

heating it non-stop. Potentiometers can be really big heat sinks if your not



Here's an important tip, remember to heat the part not the solder. Heat the

wire to the pot and push the solder onto the wire.


What is the wattage of your soldering iron ?


I use the from one Radio Shack that lets you select from 15 to 30. I was told by an

electrician that 40 watts would be too hot for guitar work. I know many have

suggested 40 watts but if you don't know what your doing it could be a bad



I solder with the 30 and switch to 15 to let it cool down when I'm done.




Have you checked to see if the pot is broken ? Does it spin completely around ?


Good luck.

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yea, its spins, but it's the only thing that could be wrong. also i used this cold heat soldering iron which uses an electric current to heat stuff up so that might have something to do with it. the soldering iron we used is 25 watts. My new pot should be in by tomorrow, so i'm gonna change it out and see... if not its going to the shop.

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no it stops like normal. the pup does make a little sound though, i'm not sure what that means but all the connections are good. I'm not sure what's left to look at, i've checked grounding, the switch, out put, resoldered basically every connection for that pup. everything short of taking the actual pup apart so it has to be the vol. pot

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