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j190ec super fusion


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hi all,

just bought this j190ec ,2001 serial number on ebay and found the fingerboard lifting between the binding and the back of the neck.starts where the neck joins at the body.the gap is about 0.5mm and about 5cm long on both sides.it feels like the binding has an edge too.is this normal on this model?....and can this be repaired.

regards chris:-k

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Hey Chris. Welcome to the forum.


I notice you said you bought it on E-bay. Not trying to offend you here, but are you sure it is a genuine Gibson? There a lot of counterfeits being sold on E-bay, (in fairness there are many real ones too.) Also if you could post photos of the problem area, it would help to decide if it is "normal" or not. I'm guessing it's not normal, but without seeing it I wouldn't venture a guess.

If it's like this one: http://www.elderly.com/new_instruments/items/J190EC.htm

It may be normal. It looks to me like the pickup is mounted up and under the fretboard.





...again Welcome to the forum

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Chris, I got your email. Sorry your having trouble posting pictures. See the following. I hope it might help.

- Gary


...and thanks to GuitarJunkie for an excellent tutorial on how to post pictures.


First' date=' take pictures of your guitar (but you probably knew that already).

To post them here, they need to be uploaded to the web. A lot of guys here use photobucket.com (it's free to join).

Once you get an account and upload your photos, go into your album and you'll see a bunch of links/codes under your thumbnail. The one you're looking for is "IMG Code" followed by a link (see pic below).





All you do is click on this and you'll see a little box that says "Copied" (see pic).






Now in your message, just hit "Paste" wherever you want your photo to appear (like this)...






Good luck. Look forward to seeing some photos.



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