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cross metallica with iron maidon and...

S t e v e

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Also you think those two great bands equals that ****y band?

Oh please...


i mean this song "to me" sounds like a mixture of the two bands sounds...i don't compare sevenfold to met and iron in a "status" sence...keep ur pants on dem00n [biggrin]

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Thanks for posting...


If its as good as their last album I will be buying this one!


yea! i weren't too keen on there earlier albums as they were a bit toooooooooooo scream for my liking but the last two plus this album are more "ear" friendly [biggrin]

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I listened to the whole thing, and I even tried to like it. It struck me as a tad formulaic. I suppose that's my problem.


If their older stuff was too screamy, well I guess I won't go there.


Here's some old-school shredding. Paganini was even associated with the devil... Go figure.


I'd love to have seen him perform his own stuff live.


Toss in some power chords and blast beats, and well, who knows...




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Good for you!


I wasn't hatin'' date=' by the way...





dem00n has a lot to learn though bless him, he's a musical virgin and will lose his cherry with a little help from us more "knowledgeable" guitar veterans [biggrin]

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You can usually tell a person's generation whether they refer to buying an album vs. a cd. I too am from the album generation. Some of the album cover art was worth the price in itself. Sorry I'm not trying to hijack your thread but making an observation.


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