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A Dead Sea


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Well, here in "Dorothyland," it's 100 degress and 90 percent humidity.

(We've had a LOT of rain, recently...9 inches in 24 hours)

The mosquitos will carry away your first born, and the grass is impossible

to mow (right now), because it never dries out, enough.

Started to mow, yesterday, as it cooled off ("cold front" came through)

to 85...but I got "Rained out"...again! Today, it's to be

110, with the humidity/heat index. So, the mowing will have to wait, again! ;>b


But, that's "Kansas" for you. ;>)




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It appears that there are problems now with the well. The cap is not leaking but the sea floor is leaking around the well.


Yahoo Story



Adm Allen has reported "good news' date=' the oil that's still leaking isn't coming from the cap, it's coming from another well!!"


Did they start cleaning up the dead fish yet?

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