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Lefty LP Deluxe Goldtop... I think I've got a rare one

Donnie D

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Hey guys.


New to the forum. Been playing guitar for the majority of my life and have had a chance to own a lot of cool gear (Strats, Teles, LP's, a couple older Ampeg/Marshall/Orange amps). Just stuff I've picked up used through the years. But I've got a curious case that I was hoping you guys could help me with.


I picked up a Left Handed (yep, I'm one of those backwards types) LP Deluxe Goldtop some time ago. It's not in the worst shape in the world, but it's a player for sure. It had a nasty headstock break that was, according to its last owner, repaired sometime in the mid 70's. It's stable and based on my experiences, the neck joint is probably stronger now than it was before. It also has a humbucker (vs. a mini) in the bridge, looks like a Super Distortion but I never cared to check. Serial number's hard to read, but it's definitely an early 70s model. Perhaps a 72 or 73 - it ain't a fretless wonder and the frets are still in good shape.


What I was wondering was - and sorry for the lack of pics - if I decided to sell it (this day and age, who knows what's next), what could I expect in return? Was just wondering what the experts had to say on the matter - I'm not so much a collector as I am a player myself. [biggrin]

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


The good news;


Early '70s DeLuxes are, slowly, becoming more appreciated than was the case even five years ago.


The bad news;


The value of anything with a headstock repair will be 30% - 40% down on an unmolested instrument.

All-original instruments command the highest prices. The DiM. in the bridge further lowers it's value.


If you put up some snaps and the serial number we'd be better able to give you an idea of value.


Here's how;




Best wishes.

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Unfortunately it won't be worth a whole lot. You'd probably be better off just holding on to it if you like it.


I'm not sure being left handed would really get you more money because it's a pretty limited market. Much less potential buyers so less competition. I don't know though I'm not an expert.

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