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Custom Les Paul price


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I want to have a almost all custom les paul made for me but not sure what the price range is


my specs are the following:


50's style neck


Jumbo Frets


Vintage style tuning machines


neck pickup Seymour Duncan mini humbucker


middle MotherBucker 3 coil humbucker


bridge Seymour Duncan mini humbucker


Tune o matic bridge.


5 way selector switch


distortion controls next to knobs


Vintage Sunburst


is anyone sure how expensive this would be or would i be better off buying a 50's neck Les paul standard and making my own mods. I'm on a budget and don't want to get too expensive.

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Hopefully Raptor sees your request. I think he's the only one here that has had

Gibson build him a guitar.


It was expensive but in the end I believe was happy with his purchase.


P.S. I believe you can't order just one custom from Gibson these days.


I think I read it has to be like 25, well double digits I don't remember exactly.

Somone here will set the record straight.


And the price jumps by leaps and bounds for non Gibson components.

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What they said about a distortion control.


You'd probably be better off buying an LP with the shape neck and making your own mods. First off, a Custom Shop guitar is going to cost your more and, in your case, you're talking about a couple pretty out-of-the-box requests like different sized pickup routs and a 5-way switch.


Personally, I like to be able to pick up and play a guitar before I buy it. While the Custom Shop does make fine instruments, you're still not going to be able to tell if you like the instrument or not until you get it and, whether you like it or not, you're committed to paying for it once you place the order.

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You mean you guys don't have distortion switches?

On mine it's located right behind the stop bar' date=' just to the left of the "get me a beer biatch" switch.





Sorry man, I got the "clean only" version.

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I don't know what your experiences with unusual sound boards have been like' date=' TheLiveSoundGuy, but, fortunately, none of the ones I worked with had any really strange features.




That would be the Yamaha PM5000.

I prefer the Midas XL, because the "SUCK" function is fully assignable through any of the AUX busses, in both PRE and POST fade modes.


Also note that a good engineer will never route the suck function to the monitor position.

It should be used only at Front of House.

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You mean you guys don't have distortion switches?

On mine it's located right behind the stop bar' date=' just to the left of the "get me a beer biatch" switch.




welll some of us dont have the kind of money to get one of those vintage Febson Teleplusters you happen to own (judging by the position of the distortion and get me a beer biatch switches...)


SHOWOFF! that guitar should be in a bank vault, not in your house...

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Probably by distortion switch he simply means a boost circuit that would in turn increase output and provide more distortion.


To answer the original question I think Raptor had thrown the $10G figure out there on his custom.


You are better off buying a Les Paul you like and making/having the mods done, you will save a bundle and see the work on it first hand...

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As stated earlier, the Custom Shop doesn't do "one-offs" anymore.


On mine it's located right behind the stop bar' date=' just to the left of the "get me a beer biatch" switch.[/quote']

Where did you get yours? The reason I ask, is I've been looking for a ""Make me a sammich, woman!!" switch for quite a while now. Whenever one does pop up on ebay, they're waaaaaay too expensive.

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Five years ago I talked to Gibson about a Standard built to my spec, nothing fancy other than the top.

The price STARTED at $6000 and would be rising exponentially from there depending on what I wanted.




Fast forward to 2006 when I ordered my Custom Shop EDS-1275....

I asked my dealer what it would take to have Grover Rotomatics and mini Rotos put on from the factory.

While we're at it, how about 4 57 Classics in place of the 490's and do it all IN HOUSE at Gibson.

After all, it IS the Custom Shop, right?

I would have a true Gibson Custom guitar with NO MODS to hurt the value later on.


The price doubled.


Let's just say, my ONLY custom guitar so far is still a SRP spelled backwards.

Aside from the two year wait, it was well worth it.


As long as people are sending REALLY BIG checks to Gibson for truly custom guitars, they will have no need to spend alot of time on the Joe Sixpack blue collar guy wanting to spend $3,000 to get the guitar of his dreams.

At Gibson, a dream is gonna cost you alot more...

And seriously, their regular production guitars are far superior to 95% of them from the past, so that works for many.


I can see both sides of it

Any high quality, much sought-after, desireable, durable object of your dreams will always be expensive.

Gibson is seen as the equal to having a boat built for you, or buying $$$ art, or buying quality fashions and jewelry for your wife to wear.

People with money are still buying the stuff requiring LOTSA money so they get the most attention.


Back to the double neck;

I waited 8 months and was rewarded with a magnificent guitar.

But what if I had agreed to their price?

I would have $5,400 in a TRULY one-off Custom Shop Gibson EDS-1275, and the value would likely much higher than all those lowly "regular Custom Shop" guitars.


All it takes is money.

Every single problem I've ever encountered in my life could have been swiftly set aside if I'd just had enough money to throw at it.



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How did you manage to get the only 12 string SG ? If you don't mind me asking.


It was at my dealer, Bizarre Guitar.

They bought over 100 guitars from a private collector here in Phoenix (he had another 600 guitars...) and there were all sorts of oddities, factory prototypes, rarities, Custom Shop, relics and reissues in the bunch.

This SG was just one of MANY really cool guitars in the crowd.

I did a couple months of research on it while it hung in the store, figuring somebody would snatch it up.

Info on it was pretty scarce, Gibson has no records of it other than "Yeah, we built it..." so Walter Carter at Gruhn's was my best source - he worked at Gibson for years.


I decided to grab it, got a little break on the price since I've bought alot of gear there.

Got it appraised by Gruhn, let's say I could have any SG I wanted if I got THAT much for it.

Kinda hard to fix a value on a guitar if there are no others around to compare it to, so I dunno what it would go for.


Moot point really, I ain't selling it.

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Somebody answer this;

What the hell is a Pete Townsend neck profile?


The only proprietary "signature" neck profile I found to be anything special was on the latest Jimmy page reissue.

Had the reverse taper thing, actually VERY cool.


Instead of just letting the marketing people call it the Tony Baloney neck profile, give some actual information.

How hard would it be to list a neck "profile" augmented with the following info?


Neck width at 12th fret

Nut width

Fretboard radius

Fret wire size

Neck THICKNESS at third and twelfth fret

Some sort of radius for the rear along with the profile shape

Fret number it joins the body on

Fret number where the neck heel begins


Sum it all up with a brief description of the reason or intent behind it.

Consumers could make an informed decision that way, since we can't play every new model every year at NAAMM

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