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Problem registering on Epiphone forum?


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Not sure if anyone here can help, but I tried registering over on the Epiphone forum a few days ago, and never got the e-mail that lets me verify the account. I tried again, and it said it would "resend" the e-mail, still nothing. I know I should ask this over there, but since I can't log in... (I've been registered here on the Gibson forum for a while, and thought I used to be able to post over on the Epi forum logged in here??) If a human has to read the registration requests and manually send the verification e-mails, I understand a delay of several days, but I'm thinking it's an automated process - this sort of thing usually seems to happen pretty much immediately.

Anyway, if any sys admin types here communicate with those over there, I'd appreciate if you could forward this over to the appropriate person.


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