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J45/50 distance between strings


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Hello there. this is my first post on this forum!

I've bought an old Gibson J45/50 Sunburst from the year 1976. Its a verry good looking guitar and sounds just beautiful!

I haven't seen this type of J45 before, its a square shoulder.

The only thing i don't understand is the distance between the strings, they are not equal! The pattern is:


So, the distance between the low E and A strings as the space between D and G and B and high E is wider than the space between A/D and G/B.

Is this normal for A gibson from this period(or normal for a J45/50)

The problem is that the high E string is far on the outside of the fret and makes it very easy to slip of the fret.

The nut and bridge are original as far as I can prove! and both have this pattern, so it looks like its done with a purpose.

The frets are also very smal, I don't know if the frets are standaard, but I'm thinking of replacing them for a little bigger frets.

Can anybody tell me more about this guitar with his strange pattern of strings!

Greetings from Holland!( excuses for my englisch!)

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